Buy food, not plastic.

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Plastic-free shopping made easy

Here’s how the TAINR refill kiosk works:

1. Shoppers purchase products on the TAINR kiosk or app in straightforward quantities

2. The TAINR kiosk automatically weighs and dispenses the order into plastic-free containers

3. Retailers and brands track inventory data in real-time to optimize supply and demand


Plastic-free shopping made easy

TAINR, a self-serve dispenser, has a touch screen that allows customers to select their product. Once chosen, the food is instantly weighed and calculated, keeping shoppers in control of price and quantity. Minimal steps means minimal germs, ensuring a hygienic experience every time.

Our app also gives shoppers the option to explore products and place an order for pick up or delivery from the comfort of their own home. As inventory moves, real-time data allows retailers to keep up with demand and gives brands valuable insight.


Inside TAINR


Buy food, not plastic.

Be where your customers are.

Increase your sales channel and build brand loyalty with eco-conscious consumers

Gain inventory, demand, and product insights through real-time data

Test and trial new products

Operational efficiencies that eliminate unnecessary cost.

Meet demand with real-time visibility of inventory

Optimize sales on private label

Save shelf space and eliminate shrinkage

Keep aisles stocked with less labor

Plastic-free shopping, as easy as it should be.

Self-serve with minimal steps and minimal germs

Order wherever, pick up whenever with our app

Stay in control of quantity and price

Know your food, from its nutrition to its supply chain

Make plastic-free shopping the standard!

Join us and tell us where you want to shop with TAINR. 

Experience the future of plastic-free shopping